Founded in 2007, Cocoa has grown from a novel production boutique to a multidisciplinary group of creative production companies working with music, digital solutions and motion picture.

Together with Cocoa's restructuring into three different companies, I was in charge of designing and developing the updated web presence for all three of them.

Cocoa Mediaproductions

Cocoa was already a well established meda production house by the time I was given the task to redign their web presence. In terms of design, I had some huge challenges to tackle, and expectations were extremely high.

Together with the development team at Cocoa Digital, we were able to develop a solution which Cocoa was extremely happy about.

Cocoa Digital

Cocoa Digital was born in 2013, when Cocoa Mediaproductions noticed a growing demand for digital services in tandem with their media production works. I was asked to join the team as creative director and project manager, with the final responsibility for the quality of the work we created. My first own work for the company was the development of Cocoa Digital's website, which later influenced the desing of the other two Cocoa sites.

Cocoa Music

Cocoa Music is an independent record label representing the new breed of multi-media artists such as Noah Kin, Ronya and LCMDF

The site features an intuitive horizontal one-page site with parallax background and extremely clear navigation.